Book Smart

Book Smart


One of the smaller goals I have for myself this year is to get back into the habit of reading. All throughout elementary, middle, and high school, I basically lived in the library. I’d hang out in there before and after school. I always had a book with me, and I remember getting in trouble for reading in class instead of paying attention to my teachers. Reading a book a day was almost routine for me. As nerdy as all this makes me sound, I just want to emphasize just how much reading was a part of my life. So it baffles me how I went from that to barely reading 4 or 5 books a year.

Ok, I’m not really that baffled. My priorities have simply shifted as I’ve moved through different phases in my life. And I haven’t made the effort to get back into it. Now maybe I won’t be able to read a book a day…but I feel two books a month is a reasonable goal.

The good thing is I like just about every genre of book (except Romance), so it’s not like I don’t have several options. Plus, I can’t stop raving about OverDrive and my Kindle. I’m not sure if this is a common thing, but my public library has a nice catalog of E-books that you can borrow and download directly onto your kindle, or read in your browser, all for free. I plan on taking full advantage of that service.

It does make me a little sad that I won’t ever be able to go back to the same reading habits I had when I was younger. As cheesy as it sounds, reading was a great escape for me. But I firmly believe that reading is a habit anyone can get into at any stage of their life. I may have to ease into it a bit, but I want to be able to call myself an avid reader again.


Hockey Obsessed

Hockey Obsessed

I can pinpoint the moment I became a die-hard hockey fan. We were at my second Dallas Stars game ever on October 27th last year, having attended my first a couple of days earlier. We were playing the Anaheim Ducks, and they had scored 3 goals in the first period, leaving the score 3-0 going into the 2nd intermission. A 3 goal deficit is quite difficult to overcome…but almost halfway through the period Patrick Sharp scored his first ever goal as a Dallas Star. And that opened the floodgates. By the end of the period, the score was tied, 3-3. The 3rd period is relatively quiet. As time winds down, you pretty much know that the team that scores the next goal will win. And with less than 2 minutes left in the game, Antoine Roussel scores the game winner. The Dallas Stars had staged and completed the comeback. And the very next day I started the process of securing Season Tickets for the rest of the season.

Final Score of the Stars vs. Ducks game on 10/27

It’s been a little over a year since then. And I’m happy to say my fierce passion (obsession?) for the sport and my team has only grown. The funny thing is, I can’t really put into proper words why I like hockey so much. It’s some combination of the speed of the game along with the physicality and character of the players that just speaks to me. Then add to that the sheer skill needed to perform at that level. It’s a recipe for success in my book.

So here I am. A Season Ticket holder. A girl that owns more hockey related apparel than I thought possible (I’d guess that 45% of my wardrobe is either green or Stars related at this point). Someone that can list players from any team and their stats off the top of her head.

Hi, my name is Italia, and I am obsessed with hockey. At this point, I don’t know what I did with my time before then…

10 Ways I’m Hoping to Become a Less Crappy Person in 2017

10 Ways I’m Hoping to Become a Less Crappy Person in 2017


At the beginning of every New Year I always set out to make goals for myself. However if I’m being honest I think I tend to set some unrealistic goals. So, behold, part of my list of what I consider to be totally reasonable and attainable resolutions for 2017.

1) Work out semi-regularly: In the past as I’ve tried to make lifestyle changes, I’ve forced myself to stick to strict exercise schedules, only to get burned out and eventually quit. I realize now that I need a certain amount of flexibility with my time. So I’ll make it part of my routine to go to the gym, or go out for a walk/jog, but I won’t stress if I’m not able to make it every day.

2) Cut back on the amount of times I eat out: This one is tricky. Going out to eat is such a big part of my social circle. That isn’t something I want to lose. But I also know that I have a terrible habit of eating out for lunch during the work day. So that I can work on at least.

3) Continue to drink a ton of water: In the past 2 months or so I have done a great job of cutting out soda from my diet. I want to make sure I continue to make drinking water all day a priority. Plus it helps with hangovers…

4) Stick to a better sleep schedule: Shockingly, going to sleep at 2am and rolling out of bed at 7:30am to make it out the door by 8am isn’t working out so well for me. I’d like to wake up with enough time to get ready and have a little time to myself before heading out the door. Which leads to my next goal…

5) Look like a functioning human during the week: If you only saw me in the office Monday through Friday you would be shocked to find out I even know what highlight is. I reserve my full on glam looks for the weekends, and rarely wear makeup in the office during the week. Now I have no qualms whatsoever about going out barefaced, but sometimes a little concealer under the eyes would go a long way. I can look a little haggard at times…

6) Use my makeup collection: Y’all, I own a lot of makeup. I’m not embarrassed about it because I consider it a hobby, therefore I have no guilt about investing money in something I enjoy. What I do feel bad about is the fact that I have products in my collection that I have either never used or have used maybe once or twice. So my goal is to be more versatile with my looks and use more of what I have before adding to it.

7) Improve my skincare routine: I have come a long way from when I used to sleep in my full face of makeup every night. I have a very simple skincare routine that seems to work decently enough, and I don’t want to go all out buying a ton of products since I know I probably won’t use them…but I have some room for improvement. For instance I still haven’t found a good daily moisturizer I like.

8) Force myself to be a little more outgoing: I don’t need to go out and meet someone new every night. But it won’t kill me to make conversations with new people now and then.

9) TRAVEL: Jokingly I told my friends I would like to take a trip each month. Now, that might not be entirely possible, but it’s easy enough to take a quick road trip somewhere for the weekend now and then. Plus, I need to get started on my mission to watch a game in every NHL arena. I only have 29 to go…

10) Don’t sweat the small stuff: This one is probably the most challenging out of all of these. But I want to live more of a stress free life. This just means I need to stop making such big deals out of little stuff.

Anyways, I have several more goals for myself than what I included here. But it will be fun for me to look back in a year and see what I accomplished, if anything at all…


My Winter Makeup Essentials

My Winter Makeup Essentials

Winter (or what approximates Winter in North Texas) is my favorite time of the year for several reasons, one of which being that my face won’t melt off due to the Texas heat. So I wear a little more makeup than I do during the summer. Plus, I love the deep, rich colors that are so popular during this time of year. So here are the products I’ve been using consistently for the past two months or so.







That about sums it up! Thank you for reading!