The Mile-High City: Part 2

The Mile-High City: Part 2

And welcome back!

Here’s the second part of my Denver trip!

By this point I had been in Denver or about 4 days.

That Thursday Noel took me to one of her favorite Sushi restaurants in town, Sushi Katsu. I would definitely consider this place a hole in the wall kind of restaurant. But the appeal comes from their offer of unlimited sushi for about $15.00 a person. Yes, $15.00. For all you can eat sushi. My god did we end up gorging. And the sushi itself was of fantastic quality.

In the afternoon we visited a local winery, Balistreri Winery. We took advantage of the complimentary tasting they offered. As a huge wine-lover, this was an amazing experience. The host talks you through the different products and helps you identify the flavors and notes that you might not be able to detect on your own. We decided to eat a light meal there consisting of a wonderful charcuterie platter paired with a bottle of one of the wines we sampled. I also decided to buy a bottle of wine to take home with me. I’m saving it for a special occasion… The food was good, the wine was amazing, and I definitely appreciated the fact that it was a small, locally owned winery. By far this was one of the highlights of my trip, and they do offer shipping…

Friday Noel and I decided to hit up Downtown Denver to visit some bars. We ate a quick dinner at Yard House (it’s identical to the one in Addison back home), then headed over to the dueling piano bar, Howl at the Moon. What we didn’t realize was that that Friday happened to be St. Patrick’s Day. But we had so much fun people watching and dancing among our green-clad peers. Since Noel moved to Denver for college, we haven’t really gotten a chance to enjoy the perks of turning 21 together. This was probably the first time we went out dancing. But we took advantage of the opportunity and danced until the bar closed. Her boyfriend had kindly offered to pick us up afterwards, so we were able to let loose a little without having to worry about how we were getting home. Definitely a fun night.

The rest of my time there we just hung out and enjoyed each other’s company. We watched a movie, and visited an awesome local coffee shop named Stella. Basically what we do anytime were reunited in Dallas. My last night there, we went all out and had our own wine and cheese night. Just like we’ve done countless times in the past.

Our poor man’s recreation of a wine and cheese meal

And then it was time for me to go back home to Dallas.

Denver is a beautiful, laid back city. I could visit several times and probably find new stuff to do each time. But the reason I was there was to visit my best friend and spend time with her, more time than we have spent together in years. It was great going back to simpler times where we were content sharing a bottle of wine while watching 30 Rock.

Anyways, thank you for reading!



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