Quick Austin Trip

Quick Austin Trip

As mentioned previously, my goal is to travel more this year (and, well, just in general going forward). I already have a trip planned for February and March, but I got the year started with a quick overnight trip down to Austin to catch a Texas Stars game. The Texas Stars being the AHL affiliate of the Dallas Stars. Timed perfectly because the NHL is on their All-Star Break…meaning no NHL hockey games until next week.

Yes, we are those crazy people who will travel out of our way to watch hockey games. I have accepted this fact. But anyways…

Austin is of course only a couple of hours away from Dallas, so it’s a relatively easy trip. Perfect for a weekend getaway. We left on Saturday morning and rolled into Austin by about 3pm or so.

The game itself was a blast, but then again, I don’t think I’d be able to say otherwise about any hockey game, ever.


Being a minor league team, we’re always able to score some amazing seats for a quarter of the price that an NHL ticket would cost. We’ve sat right behind the bench for less than $40 each, and this time around we sat a little further away from the glass, but with better sight lines for about $30. To put that into some perspective, a ticket in a similar section for the Dallas Stars would easily cost us about $100-180. Triple that for a seat along the glass. I also learned that I can get twice the amount of beer at the HEB Center for the same price as a single drink at the American Airline Center. So that was cool…

Our View

The Texas Stars unfortunately lost, but we also happened to pick a promo game where we were given the opportunity to get autographs from the entire team. I really appreciate that the organization makes the effort to increase fan interactions with the team. One of the perks of being a minor league team in a non-hockey market, I guess.

Autograph Session

After a quick breakfast at an Austin staple, Kerbey Lane, we were back on our way to Dallas. We of course stopped at the Czech Stop Bakery for some kolaches to take home. At this point it’s a tradition (in case you were wondering, the Nutella kolaches are my absolute favorite).

I always look forward to these little trips to Austin a couple of times a season. I’m hoping to come back later in the year (during the summer) to fully take advantage of everything that Austin has to offer, but for now, I’ll be content with watching some hockey.

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